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RAF Sergeant Harry Hogben shares his lockdown story

17 May, 2020. We hope that everyone is keeping safe and well in these very uncertain times.

Keith Hogben has been in touch to say that his dad, Harry, one of our regulars, is doing well but misses the company and friendship that the Centre provides.

As some of you know, Harry is 95 and loves Spitfires, a passion which began in this RAF days.

Harry had an enjoyable VE75 Day and he and Keith have given us permission to share a photo of him and his fascinating life story and, in particular, the times when he was in the RAF.

Videos to keep you mobile and active at home

1 April 2020. We hope everyone is keeping safe and well during these unprecedented times.

We know that many of our members are missing our weekly exercise sessions and it's really important to keep active and mobile while the Centre's closed. So, our exercise tutors Kamal and Andy have produced a series of videos that you can follow at home.

They're FREE to watch and any Brooklands (execise group) member can take part. Have a go - but be careful and stay safe. Please only take part in exercises with which you feel comfortable. It is your responsibility to follow these exercises carefully and safely. The Brooklands Centre and its instructors cannot be held responsible for any accidents or damage of any kind that might occur.

Start today with the introduction and warm-up video and enjoy your home exercising!

The Centre is now completely closed

18 March 2020. In view of the current coronavirus situation, the Centre is now closed to both all our own groups and also all outside groups. It will remain closed until Trustees are advised that it's safe for people to meet again.

We're considering a buddy system where our volunteers will keep in contact with members who need support or, if necessary, visit them - especially those who have limited help locally.

Please be assured that everyone at Brooklands is keen to help and support each other as we look forward to returning to our normal activities.  Stay safe, everyone and best wishes.

Celebrating our Volunteers

13 March 2020. Today was party time at The Brooklands Centre as we celebrated our 70 volunteers who keep our lovely Centre running by donating around 360 volunteer hours per week - cooking meals, preparing and serving refreshments, helping in the kitchen, spending time with our users, organising groups, running activities, driving, undertaking travel escort duties and providing admin support.

Our Volunteers help out at our clubs and groups for our 300 users who attend the Centre around 400 times per week.

Thank you, everyone! See more photos.

Become a volunteer Driver or Escort

29 February 2020. People love to attend our clubs and groups but many need transport.

As one of our mini-bus drivers or escorts (helping people use our transport) you'll make their day by helping them get to and from the Centre.

Just a few hours a week is all we need.

We'd love to hear from you .