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16 Jul 2023

Mike and Brenda Jenner, who attend the Centre's Thursday exercise group, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary recently.

A lovely, smiley couple, Mike and Brenda are very popular with other members and volunteers at Brooklands alike. They are clearly devoted to each other, as our photographs show!

Mike asked our Thursday volunteers to put on a bit of a show for their diamond wedding anniversary, but to keep it secret from Brenda!

They had a very busy day. After opening their congratulatory card from King Charles and Queen Camilla, they were made a fuss of at a celebratory service at the parish church.

They then had a lunchtime party at Brooklands, before flying off to yet another party organised for them by neighbours in their street. No doubt they slept well that night!

Mike trained as a carpenter and joiner, and the mahogany cabinet he lovingly crafted as an apprentice can still be seen on display at Guildford Cathedral.

He went on to work at the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough, Hampshire, creating the aircraft models which were used in wind tunnel tests before aircraft could go into production.

Brenda worked at the National Gas Turbine Establishment, also in Farnborough.

Mike and Brenda were married in 1963 in Cove, a village near Farnborough. They later moved to Emerson Valley, and have lived in Giffard Park for the last 12 years. Mike still drives, so they come to Brooklands by car every Thursday.

Congratulations, Mike and Brenda. We hope you had a lovely day - see you on Thursday!

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